4 Industries That Rely on Specialty Gas

specialty gas supplier

The specialty gas market is categorized into two separate types: pure gasses and gas mixtures. These substances are incredibly important for not only global energy production, but for very specific industries as well. There are dozens of careers that rely on specialty gas suppliers to provide them with both high purity gas equipment and the necessary substances for various tasks.

Here are some of the most common industries that utilize specialty gas suppliers:

  • Energy and Utilities — Gas suppliers provide specialty gas to those working in the energy sector. These custom specialty gas products allow energy organizations to provide continuous monitoring power across the entire energy plant. Additionally, with the help of specialty gas standards, gas concentration components can help identify issues around the plant and fully optimize them. For those working in the utility industry, specialty calibration involves the daily monitoring of hydrocarbon, CO2, Nix, and SO2 emissions.
  • Education — Research and development teams at colleges across the country are reliant on specialty gas mixtures for educational and scientific purposes. This field requires a lot of diligent studying, and skilled university professors and qualified students spend hours on end examining and experimenting with specialty gas mixtures.
  • Government — There have been plenty of government contracts over the years that involve specialty gas. In fact, specialty gas mixture suppliers have provided governments at both the local and federal level with high quality specialty gas products in order to sustain government operations. Though plenty of research is done inside universities, government agencies — especially the military — are regularly experimenting and analyzing specialty gas mixtures as well.
  • Oil Refineries and Natural Gas — Specialty gas standards are instrumental for the assessment and evaluation process of the physical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties of crude oils and natural gas. These gas suppliers work with oil refineries to help improve overall plant performance, lessen environmental impact, and decrease operational costs.

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