Environmental Gas Standards

environmental gas standard MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment is recognized as an industry leader in manufacturing mission critical environmental gas standards for the environmental research and environmental monitoring community. Our customers' specialty gas concentrations vary from the PPB through percent levels, and may be used in a variety of applications throughout the world.  From initial environmental field analysis and assessment to the more common stack emissions monitoring applications, MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment provides trusted calibration gas standards, custom manufactured to order, to meet your specific requirements.

Our history dates back to the 1960’s when the founder of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment, Dr. Donald A. Tyssee, began mixing gases in high-pressure cylinders for research experiments while at the Monsanto research facility in St. Louis Missouri.  Over 10 years of research experience lead to the development of many manufacturing and analytical techniques still used today in the specialty gas manufacturing field.  These techniques have been refined throughout the years contributing to the success and reputation of MESA Specialty Gases & Equipment.  MESA maintains this leadership position by continuing to work with the same companies that were pioneers in the environmental fields.  These relationships ensure the products you receive are best in class, using tried and true methods along with the latest developments in environmental gas manufacturing and analytical methods.

Before manufacturing any environmental gas standard, requested environmental gas standards are first evaluated for potential phase problems using advanced computer modeling. Next, MESA evaluates component compatibility based on the requested specialty gas mixture.  Following this, each cylinder goes through proprietary cylinder passivation and conditioning process based on the requested gas standards.  Then, the environmental gas standard is precisely blended to exacting specifications on highly sensitive gravimetric scales traceable to the US-NIST.  Finally, the environmental gas standard is analyzed using state-of-the-art analyzers to confirm agreement between the blended and analyzed values according to the desired product specifications.

environmental gas standard

MESA does not limit our product to large refillable cylinders.  We understand that often time field research requires flexibility and field friendly functionality.  With over 100 different cylinder options, from very light transportable cylinders through large refillable cylinders in both steel and aluminum, you can be sure MESA has a cylinder -and the experience- to tailor a solution to your unique needs.  Whether you need a high-accuracy master calibration standard traceable to a global reference standard, a reactive and complex process control mixture, or a simple two-component gas mixture for quick instrument checks, a MESA environmental gas standard will be uniquely tailored to your application needs.

At MESA, we understand timing is a key element to your planning process.  Lead times can become critical in the environmental field.  In order to address this, MESA has a continuous line of pre-prepped cylinders to minimize our proprietary filling process allowing for custom calibration gas standards to be delivered accurately and on time.  In addition, MESA centralizes the manufacturing process to maintain tight control to ensure critical calibration gas standards are not delayed.  Whether operating a facility on site or delivering products by air, rail, or pipeline, our environmental gas standards are an integral part of the process.  We strive to not only meet industry standards, but also satisfy the most demanding requirements for on-spec products through superior technology and expedient service.