MESA Specialty Gas Desktop Software Release

Released on November 3, 2010

Press Release Summary: MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment a division of MESA International Technologies, Inc.  has announced the release of its industrial gas/ specialty gas desktop applications software.  This program will allow users involved in the specialty gas or industrial gas fields to quickly and accurately run calculations and conversions, as well as access key information commonly used in the gas field.  For a limited time, MESA is offering the 9 most popular modules for free. 

Industry: Chemistry/Science

The MESA Specialty Gas Software code in the MESA “free customer version” includes the following most commonly used modules: Gas Conversion, Gas Physical Properties, Gas Related Pricing Formulas, Gaseous Storage Calculations, Liquid Storage Calculations, Gas Laws, Unit Conversions, Gas Definitions, Purity Equivalents.  These specialty gas and industrial gas tools are the most popular modules in the MESA Specialty Gas Desktop Software.  Over 20 gas conversion tool modules are available on the software and can be unlocked for a small upgrade fee.  “We hope that end users will find the program beneficial to their work and in turn think of our organization when selecting a specialty gas partner” stated Mark Tyssee, Vice President of MESA Specialty Gases and Equipment.  “Simply go to our website and download your free version today” Mark added.

MESA International Technologies, Inc. was established on January 1, 1993.  MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment, a division of MESA International Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer and global supplier of highly accurate specialty gas and calibration gas standards used in a wide variety of instrument applications in the laboratory, energy, petrochemical and refinery industries.  MESA is strategically located in Southern California near major shipping ports designed to minimize shipping costs and transit time to both domestic and international customers.  Additional products include instrument grade support gases, calibration gas in small disposable cylinders and gas handling equipment.  The official MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment website can be viewed at and the specialty gas division can be reached toll free at (866) 470-MESA (6372).