New Specialty Gas Website

Released on July 30, 2009

MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment a division MESA International Technologies, Inc. has announced completion of its upgraded website supporting its specialty gas manufacturing facility and analytical lab located in Santa Ana, CA. 

Industry: Chemistry/Science

The upgraded website is now W3C compliant.  WC3 compliance, certified by the Web Consortium W3C, brings the next generation (Web 2.0) of website programming into our internal servers, allowing for upgrade and consolidation of our Content Management System, customer databases, product inquires, and general information.  This will allow us to begin providing several new applications over the next few years including customer feedback sections, Q&A sections, discussion boards and enhanced intranet infrastructure allowing MESA to provide content and information more quickly to our customer base.   The new site also features easier to navigate drop down menus, more extensive client options and an improved customer experience.

According to Dr. Donald A. Tyssee, President of MESA, ”The new web site and extensive server-end programming allows us to focus our efforts on the customer, further streamlining our processes, enhancing communications and ultimately ensuring that information and resources are more readily available to our growing customer base.”

 “One big advantage is that it allows us to reach more customers through information, client Q&A, and discussion boards providing a dissemination of knowledge benefiting participating members”, says Mark Tyssee, Vice President of MESA.

 MESA Specialty Gas and Equipment, a division of MESA International Technologies, Inc. (established in January 1993), is a manufacturer and global supplier of highly accurate specialty gas and calibration gas standards used in a wide variety of instrument applications in the laboratory, energy, petrochemical and refinery industries. MESA is strategically located in Southern California near major shipping ports to minimize shipping costs and transit time to both domestic and international customers. Additional products include instrument grade support gases, calibration gas in small disposable cylinders and gas handling equipment. The official MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment website can be viewed at and the specialty gas division can be reached toll free at (866)470-MESA (6372)