Fascinating Ways Specialty Gases Are Used in the Food Industry

specialty gas

The specialty gas market is categorized into six applications: electronics and semiconductors, analytical and calibration, refrigeration, medical and healthcare, manufacturing, and others. However, some people aren’t aware that all sorts of specialty gases are used within the food industry to fulfill a variety of purposes. Here are just a few of the most fascinating ways specialty gases are used within the food industry.

Ice Cream
First, everyone’s favorite frozen dessert — ice cream — requires specialty gases to create the right texture during the manufacturing process. Specifically, many ice cream shops use liquid nitrogen in order to freeze ice cream faster and more efficiently than other methods. Plus, experts say that the rich taste of ice cream comes from the smaller ice crystals created from the use of liquid nitrogen. To put it simply: the next time you have an amazing bowl of ice cream, you have liquid nitrogen to thank.

Other Frozen Selections
Most people think that those frozen meals they buy at the grocery store are nothing too special or scientific. In reality, the vast majority of packaged frozen foods contain a thin layer of nitrogen instead of just oxygen. As a result, the food stays fresher for much longer and significantly increases its overall shelf life. This means less waste due to spoilage, and just as important, increased customer satisfaction.

Alcoholic Beverages
If you’ve ever indulged in a frozen cocktail with an enjoyable and slushie-like texture, you can thank the magic of liquid nitrogen. Many restaurants use liquid nitrogen to efficiently freeze alcohol and achieve the right texture. Furthermore, many novelty and dessert drinks and concoctions are also whipped up using liquid nitrogen. As for bars and brewpubs, they’re often experimenting with nitrogen to achieve the perfect ‘fizz’ on craft beers and pale ales.

A report done by Grand View Research predicts that cost reduction, yield improvement and performance optimization are projected to drive the global the specialty gas market over a six-year timespan (2014-2020). Knowing the fascinating applications of specialty gases within all industries can help you make the best decisions for your needs. For more information about specialty or disposable calibration gases, contact Mesa Gas.

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