Disposable Calibration Gas

Disposable Calibration Gas CylindersSmall portable and disposable calibration gas cylinders offer a cost-effective alternative for low calibration gas volume applications such as found in Industrial Hygiene and Laboratory instrument gas calibration. In order to guarantee the accuracy of these calibration gas mixtures, MESA Specialty Gases follows the same NIST traceable procedures to manufacture the small portable calibration gas cylinders as we use for manufacturing the larger specialty gas cylinders used in R&D, emissions analysis and process analyzer applications.

bullet Health & Safety Monitoring for Gas Detection
bullet Function Testing of Gas Equipment and Monitors
bullet Automotive Exhaust Emission Standards
bullet Ambient Air Monitoring Standards
bullet Low Level NO & NO2 Mixtures








bulletZero Grade and Pure Grade Specialty Gases


Instrument Calibration Standards in Air or Nitrogen Workplace Area Monitoring
bullet Ammonia (10-50 PPM) bullet LEL* Mixes of Various Hydrocarbons
bullet Ammonia (10-50 PPM) bullet Carbon Monoxide
bullet Carbon Dioxide (100 PPM - 15%) bullet Ethylene Oxide
bullet Carbon Monoxide (10 PPM - 7%) bullet Hydrogen Sulfide
bullet Hydrogen (20 PPM - 2%) bullet Oxygen Deficiency
bullet Hydrogen Sulfide (5-100 PPM)    
bullet Nitric Oxide & Nitrogen Dioxide (5-800 PPM)    
bullet Nitrous Oxide (10-500 PPM)   Confined Space Entry
bullet Oxygen (100 ppm - 21%)    
bullet Sulfur Dioxide (5 -500 PPM) bullet 10-90 PPM Hydrogen Sulfide/25-50% LEL/10-300 PPM Carbon Monoxide/12-21% Oxygen in Nitrogen
bullet Various Hydrocarbons, BTU and RGA Mixes bullet 10-50% LEL/20-500 PPM Carbon Monoxide/12-21% Oxygen in Nitrogen
    bullet 30-50% LEL/15-21% Oxygen in Nitrogen
Wide Range of Non-Refillable Cylinders from 17-103 Liters of Gas Capacity
bullet 17 and 103 liter calibration gas capacity steel cylinders for non-reactive specialty gases including Zero & Pure Grade Gases as well as gas mixtures of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrocarbon and LEL standards, Hydrogen, Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen
bullet 20 liter specialty gas capacity steel cylinder for flammable calibration mixes including BTU and RGA standards
bullet 58 liter gas capacity aluminum cylinder for low level and reactive gas mixtures including Ammonia, BTXE, Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Sulfur Dioxide